Facial treatments for women by Sothys

The protocols combine pleasure of senses and expert gestures to restore radiance, hydration and energy to the face. To enhance the effectiveness of each treatment, beauticians appropriate the exclusive gesture method developed by Sothys laboratories, digi-aesthetics ... It combines digital pressure, modeling and drainage. This technique eliminates stress and revitalizes the body by improving the flow of energy. The skin eliminates toxins more easily, points of tension disappear. The perfectly relaxed epidermis is then able to fully assimilate high-performance anti-loosening, plumping and moisturizing formulas.

Facial Treatments

    • Oxygenating Season Treatment - 25/03/2024 to 02/11/2024

    • Soothing care for sensitive skin - 25/03/2024 to 02/11/2024

    • Intensive moisturizing treatment: Hydra 3HA - 25/03/2024 to 02/11/2024

    • Intensive treatment - youth: BP3 Tri Complex™ - 25/03/2024 to 02/11/2024

    • Intensive energy detox treatment - 25/03/2024 to 02/11/2024

    • Trilogy of intensive treatments - 25/03/2024 to 02/11/2024

    • Organic radiance freshness care - 25/03/2024 to 02/11/2024

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